What’s New With Modern Speaker?

I’ll tell you what’s new. This website!  We loved the previous one, but it didn’t have the tools and capabilities we needed to grow this business.  Do you know what that is like?  The site was simple, to keep costs down. But now, we’ve got things going and we really want to connect and communicate with our community, our “tribe.”

Is that you?  If you are a professional speaker, or maybe someone who speaks publicly but wants to be paid more for your effort, then you are one of ours.  We say “ours” because we know the many challenges of getting the attention that leads to booked speaking engagements. We know how hard it is to craft your programs, much less deliver them, and negotiate all aspects of the speaking contract with your host, AND promote yourself and build a community.  Well, the list goes on and there is so much to consider. Modern Speaker is focused on giving you the extra hands and support you need to build your promotional platform you need to grow.

Luckily, we have a pretty complete team here to serve those needs.  I’m Gayle and I’m the marketing side of the Modern Speaker equation. I founded and ran my own digital marketing agency for 8 years after time with a traditional ad agency and even more years in corporate-side marketing management. I’m also the coach and cheerleader for our clients. I’ve been a coach, mentor, and trainer of some sort all of my professional life.

Liz, on the other hand, has bootstrapped her own professional speaking career while publishing thirteen of her own books and selling successfully “back of house.”  She knows those ins and outs and is the best editor I have ever encountered. Prior to this phase in her life, Liz was an extraordinarily resourceful serial entrepreneur. Well, she still is. She’s a formidable source of outreach ideas and always happy to help others “sell their stuff.”

We are always learning and growing (we all are, aren’t we?).  Our next new news is that we are attending Influence 2017, the annual conference of the National Speakers Association (NSA). We are so excited about attending and hope to see many speakers there—you know, members of our tribe!

If we get to meet, we’d love to tell you about our recent speaking tour of India.  This photo is us on the rare sight seeing day in Agra, sitting on piles of silk threads prior to being woven into rugs.


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